To all you healthcare workers who are putting your lives on the line daily. Who have held the hands of the dying, and broken the news to those still living.

To those who are grieving and still managing to get through the day.

To those who have lost your homes…

To the Black Community: I will make mistakes. I will miss things and often not say the right thing or neglect the important things. …

I’m now going attempt to answer the question burning in everyone’s minds: the reason the shelves at Costco are bare of toilet paper.

Freud wasn’t right about a lot of things, but in this instance, he might be. He said the asshole is the symbol of death and we live…

Violence is woven into the fabric of our being as Americans. In pre-Columbian times, ritual and tribal warfare were commonplace. And from the first waves of Europeans who stepped onto this continent, violence has been either a conscious method of establishing control, as with the genocidal slaughter of first nation…

Trigger warning: this open letter discusses explicit sexual abuse of children. Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or therapist. My background is in trauma-informed yoga and advocacy research.

Dear Wade and James,

After watching Leaving Neverland and your interview with Oprah, I wanted to offer some science behind childhood sexual…

If Beale Street Could Talk: Finally, a Film Fit for Regina King

I was a few years younger than Regina King in the 80’s when she appeared on a TV show called 227. It was a grown-up show, the plot was boring as far as I was concerned, but King…

Taking a Knee for Social Justice

Open Letter to Taya Kyle About the NFL;

Ms. Kyle,

I read your letter to the NFL this morning and felt compelled to respond because while I see that your intent is ultimately for all of us to be more unified, I think your message misses some pretty important considerations.

Miranda Culp

Freelance Writer, Crisis Res Yoga Teacher, Mom, Activist

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